diumenge, 4 de gener de 2009

The good german

Based on the novel by Joseph Kanon

Directed by Steven Soderberch amn protagonized by George Clooney (as Jake) and Cate Blanchett (as Lena)


Berlin. July, 1945. Harry Truman, Winston Churchil and Joseph Stalin are scheduled to meet outside the city, in Potsdam, to draw the post-war map. Only Japan continues to fight.

Jacob "Jake" Geismar (George Clooney), an American war correspondent, returns to Berlin during the Potsdam negotiations between the Allied powers after World War II was over in Europe. In really, he also wants to find Lena, an old flame who's now a prostitute desperate to get out of Berlin.

But Jacob’s driver, Tully (Tobey Maguire), is murdered. . The corpse is discovered to be in possession of 100,000 German reichsmarks which are later revealed to have been printed by the U.S occupying forces.


I wist I could write. Ojalá supiera escribir.

I have some great stories I could tell. La de historias que podria contra.

I bet you can’t wait to go home, huh, soldier? Se muere de ganas por volver a su casa, eh, soldado?

Nothing wrong with the Germans. No hay nada de malo en los alemanes.

Plenty of good German fulk back in _______ Hay un montón de alemanes Buenos en ______

Let me help you with thet, sir. Permítame ayudarle, señor

Being helpful is all. Pretendía ser útil

See you in the morning. Nos vemos por la mañana

I got you a little housewarming present. Le he traido un regalo de bienvenida

So you like you job? Te gusta tu trabajo?

Wast not, want not. Quien no malgasta encuentra

That doesn’t even follow. No viene a cuento

I was making conversation. Estaba hablando por hablar.

I forget sometimes what a boy you are. Such a boy. A sweet little boy. A veces se me olvida que no eres más que un niño. Solo un niño. Un niño adorable.

No, cut it out. Estate quieto.

Does that bother you? Eso te molesta

I’ll get you out of here. Te sacaré de aquí.

You watch. Ya lo verás.

Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed. Alguien se ha levantado con el pie izquierdo.

No kidding. No fastidie.

Somebody you know? Estás pensando en alguien?

Do you think they shouldn’t? Te parece injusto?

I’m just saying. Es un decir.

That’s pretty raw. Eso es muy crudo.

Did she lift a finger? A caso movió un dedo?

I can tell you that right now. De eso estoy seguro

I wish I could help you out, kid! Ojalá pudiera ayudarte, chico!

It was an honest dissagreement. Fue una discussion sin mala fe.

I’ll see what I can do. Veré qué puedo hacer.

I’m gone find out souner or later! Tarde o temprano lo descubriré!

Whats does it matter who? Qué importa quien?

Who would know! Qué más da!

Can’t afford it. No puedo permitirlo

I got something else for you. Le he traído otra cosa

The trouble is… El problema es…

Now, let me do you a favor. Permítame que le haga un favor.

Get out. Déjalo.

Suit yourself. Usted sabrá lo que hace.

I’ll take you offer. Acepto tu oferta.

We know each other. Nos conocemos

They gave me a choise. For me there was no choise. Me habían dado a elegir. Para mi no había elección.

That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Eso es lo peor que he oído en mi vida.

Sitch around. Quédese por aquí.

There’s always something worse! Siempre hay algo peor!

I told my ballet was stolen. Ya se lo he dicho, me han robado la cartera.

I have as line of people behind you. Hay una larga cola de gente delante de usted.

It’s pretty damn. Es muy embarazoso.

We want it to go awar too. Nosotros también queremos que se olvide.

Who did you insult this time? A quien has insultado esta vez?

Yeah, why don’t we match up? Claro, por qué no nos ponemos al día

Nobody’s hands are clean. Nadie tiene las manos limpias.

What’s your angle? Qué buscas?

It just doesn’t sound like you. Esto no es propio de ti.

Can tou get me a copy? Consígueme una copia.

I owe you one. Te debo una

I have nothing to be as hamed of. No tengo nada de que avergonzarme.

I didn’t say you did. N o he dicho lo contrario.

Make up your mind. Tu verás.

Where he thought the’d be safe. Donde él se creía a salvo.

He never showed up. Nunca o se presentó.

That made me curious. Me picó la curiosidad

There’d be no reason. No hay razón alguna.

That doesn’t make any sense. Eso no tiene ningún sentido.

One of our rules. Una de nuestras reglas.

You did nothing wrong! No has hecho nada malo!

You’re up early. Eres muy madrugador.

I can keep a secret. Se guardar un secreto.

I’m starting to think he’s right. Empiezo a pensar que es cierto.

I know it was a mistake to try to help you. Intentar ayudarte ha sido un error.

Thank you. You’re welcome. Gracias. No hay de que.

Care for some. Sírvase.

Somethig on your mind? Estás preocupado por algo?

Be honest with yourself for a change. Se honesto contigo mismo por una vez.

Has anything good happened since you came back? Ha sucedido algo bueno desde que has vuelto?

I wanna know. Quiero saberlo.


afford (to). permitir

curfew. toque de queda

frankly. sinceramente

mankind. humanidad

revenge. venganza

saddle. silla de montar

welfare. bienestar

whole. todo, entero

windfull. premio gordo